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Hunter Original S/S 2015 Menswear London Fashion Week
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Action, 2014
Dyl Moss (schlurb)
V I R T U A L C E N T U R Y 
(for ieg <3)
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/faces (2014) semi-transparent
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Anonymous said: :( I love you ekunt, please stay safe. <3

thanks man I wish I had a reason to


I hate that I have to cut before people will take my emotions seriously like really I’m in sos mode but no one cares until they see the blood on my fucking hands

what happens when you invest all your happiness in one person, because they implore that you trust them, and then when they’ve finally got you at your most vulnerable they hurt you? why do I trust anyone anymore? am I magnet for heartbreak or something? why do I allow myself to love, time and time again, when the same shit happens every time? seriously it’s Sunday fucking afternoon and all I want to do is jump in front of a train and none of my so called friends gives a single shit about me anymore so why do I even bother waking up in the mornings?


some people have sex in the kitchen

i eat in my bed

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all i wanna do is cry and cuddle mr panda forever and never get out of bed because nothing makes me happy anymore