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i have this one ex boyfriend who was really quite rapey and manipulative and emotionally abusive and just generally horrible to me, and due to my inexplicable complex of needing to be ‘on good terms with everyone’ i actually attempted to go get bevs with him after we had broken up (long after) to try and make amends and leave it on a good note

he still was a total cunt, wouldn’t even look at me the whole time, insisted on walking a few meters ahead of me no matter how hard i ran to try catch up. didn’t smile or attempt to be nice the whole time. only afterwards did i realise i bent over backwards and made myself look like an idiot. the day after, he blocked me on facebook.

sometimes you just gotta sit back and think hey, i can’t please everyone. some people just don’t want to be happy and that’s not my fucking problem. so fuck you, dude.

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The 1975's So Far (It’s Alright) lyrics

lol year 11
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I swear to god


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Film outtake of Ira
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